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Loveless Tattoo

 4169 Rue Saint-Denis 3rd floor, Montréal, QC H2W 2M7



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May 24-June 4 // Toronto ON @ Grim City Tattoo Club & Abstract Arts

June 10-15 // Los Angeles CA

July 9-23 // Vancouver BC @ Grapevine Tattoo

August 20-30 // Hamilton ON @ Grim City Tattoo Club

September 26 // Vancouver BC @ Grapevine Tattoo

November 17-24 // New York  @ L.O.V.E. Machine

November 25-December 3 // Montreal @ Loveless Tattoo  

May 31-June 2 // Northern Ink Xposure,Toronto ON

August 15-19 // Winnipeg Tattoo Convention, Winnipeg MB

September 13-15 // Art Tattoo Montreal  Montreal QC

September 20-22 // Villain Arts X Covered Expo, Toronto ON

October 17-21 // Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival, Calgary AB

December 4-10 // Mayan Mayhem, Cancun MX

January 9-13 // Minneapolis Villain Arts

January 16-20 // Philadelphia Villain Arts


Specializing his own surrealistic portrait style, Andrei can create tattoos with photo-like authenticity & precision in the fine details, He is focusing solely on his unique neon colour pieces & portraits.

He started tattooing in 2013 and is primarily self taught but has learnt from many well known and respected tattooers throughout his journey. 

Born in Romania in 1993, Andrei moved to Montreal QC where he currently lives and works, He speaks three languages and travels most of the year to conventions and guest spots around the world. 

Andrei is also an accomplished painter, with exhibits seen in Montreal. Be sure to follow Andrei on instagram or sign up for his mailing list to keep up to date with the latest news; like availability of paintings, prints and more.



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Online Consultation


In order to book a tattoo with Andrei Draworking, we require you to complete the online consultation, This saves us time and allows us to deal to the serious clients only. 

If Andrei is interested in your tattoo, we will send you an invoice to pay your deposit along with booking information